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half the cost of traditional p.t

The average industry cost for training with a certified personal trainer ranges from 45$ to 80$ Dollars per session. With our mobile training service. We offer the same benefits and more for half the price. This gives us the ability to give more time and care for our clients , Helping us, together reach your ultimate goal!

Nutrition & Assessments

Nutrition is a crucial part of weightloss, and gaining muscle. Instead of putting you on a strict one sized fits all crash diet. We want to give you customized personalized healthy diet plans based around your body type and the foods you like to eat.

Accountability And Communication

We believe accountability and having someone in your corner is a big advantage in helping someone on their fitness journey. You’ll have a certified P.T with you every step of the way. You’ll be able to communicate ask questions and get advice on your goals, nutrition, and workouts.

Personalized workouts that fit you

We base our workouts around your body. We take in account your medical history, your body type, and ultimate fitness goals.(6-pack abs – lose a couple pounds) Then we give you the exercises that will give you the maximum benefit, mix them up into a full week by week workout plan. All by a Certified Personal Trainer.


“After looking for personal training services in my area, I decided to check out and try surgefit. The second I met with the trainer, they were very friendly, and helpful. He was very knowledgeable and gave me the advice and training I need to reach my goals. I lost 20 pounds in my first month and recommend surgefit to anyone!  “

Marcia Page

“Working with surgefit has helped saved my life, I cant thank them enough. I lost over 60 pounds, gained a healthy amount of muscle, and most of all got my life and health back on track!”


Robert Miller

If you are looking for someone who is going to motivate and push you to reach the next level, look no further. I started training with Surge as part of a 30 day challenge through my employer. I have lost 8% body fat in the first 3 months and feel much more energetic throughout the day. Myself and our team continue to train with Surge a couple days each week and we all look forward to each session. Keep up the great work!

Sara Washington